April 20, 2021

Day Two - What are we doing?

Hello Beautiful Humans,

Day two of our Homeschooling / Social Distancing and this time Teacher Mummy made some of the rules for our new Rainbow Glitter Sparkle school!

  1. School will NOT start at 6am
  2. The first thing we need to learn is how to tell the time
  3. Teacher Mummy needs alone time

I snuck away from my morning walk and am very grateful I no longer have to get up and go for my walk at 6am when its still cold and dark BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE TO BE ANYWHERE ON TIME!… Let’s face it we were never on time anyway.

cass walking.jpg






morning walk.jpg






yass river.jpg










When I returned home the girls were dressed and decided that instead of a uniform they could wear something in their hair to indicate they were going to school -  apparently this included but is not limited to hair clips, buckets and underwear (thankfully clean underwear).




twins hair clips.jpg





twins buckets.jpg






twins undies.jpg





We are trying to start each day with a plan then some exercise to keep us all sane and healthy. Principle Daddy is Missing the Gym but found two giggly 30kg weight substitutes!




























Today was definitely more tricky trying to juggle work and keeping the girls entertained. Thank goodness for the show Science Max Experiments at Large (I get bonus points because its educational right?) I was also asked a difficult question today…
Twin: ”What is Gin, Mummy?“
Mummy: “It’s an adult’s drink that can help you relax.”
Twin: ”Why can’t kids drink it?
Mummy: “Because it makes you drunk”
Twin: ”What is Drunk?“
”It makes you Silly.”
Twin: ”But Daddy is already silly?“
Mummy: ”…This is why Mummy needs a nice gin at the end of the day!”

Principle Daddy even took over to do a Science Experiment that completely didn’t work. (Science is hard).





twins chool work.jpg












Envelope of Awesome.jpg











And of course we are still washing our hands and Singing Happy Birthday is some interesting ways!

Until next time (probably not everyday because I will need plenty of time to research  how to teach children to tell the time). Stay Happy and Healthy and Home! Also wash your hands one more time. It can’t hurt.