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Give the gift of Creativity!
A monthly creative subscription sent to your letterbox to help grow your child's creativity, confidence and sense of humour!

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What's Inside?

✅ Stickers, Badges, How to Draw, Comics, Creative Challenges, A Special Letter!
✅ Over 16 individually designed activities in every pack!
✅ Completely new every month!
✅ Expertly illustrated by Artist Simon Streatfeild!
✅ Educational & Inspirational!

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What happens when kids get Awesome?

They think Outside The Box!

They love Learning

They’re More Confident!

They have More Curiosity

They take on new challenges!

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If our Envelope don't bring out at leaset 35% more awesomeness in your child we're positive we can make it right!

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We are a Creative Kids Provider!

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills.

For more information regarding the Creative Kids program. visit service.nsw.gov.au

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Some more reviews from Awesome Parents!

❤❤ my kids fight to run down to get the mail now 🤣🤣 FANTASTIC product!! 🙌🙌

- Loren, Awesome Mum

We received first envelope and the whole family sat down and enjoyed doing the first 3 or videos together. I've been noticing shapes on our dogs ever since

- Eleanor, Awesome Mum

My kids come up with the most creative drawings now, and they seem 40% happier at school! And they can fly!!

- Dave, Awesome Dad

Getting his envelope of awesome is one of the highlights of my son's month and I’ll be in trouble if he misses out!!

- Emma, Awesome Mum

This is my son's favourite thing to receive each month.

- Kylee, Awesome Mum

My grandkids and I are having a ball with your monthly kits 😁

- craftschooloz, Awesome Grandparent