April 20, 2021

Day Four - Rest and Do Art

Sooo we wagged school yesterday because we were all feeling a little overwhelmed and tired. Mummy and Daddy had lots of work to catch up on.

The girls watched way too much TV and ate spaghetti straight out on the can for lunch. This photo of Jo sums up how we are all feeling!




But it’s a new day and Rainbow Glitter Sparkle school is back in full swing.

Also I Ran for 3km without stopping for a walk break for the first time ever!! Who knew it would only take the stress of a global pandemic to improve your running time!
















Thanks to the girls’ school we now have a schedule of work to do and we managed to complete a whole two items on our long list! (oh My God I thought it just took them a million years to put their shoes on. But no. It takes them just as long to write the date at the top of the page. Or to think about what they might write about and then discuss in great detail about what they might write about… then think a little more about what they might write about. Followed by a follow up discussion about why they were thinking about thinking about what to write). Three topic changes and five requests for food later and we managed to write half a page about a family of Bun-buns who lived in a cave!

I created a little work area in our tiny house and we attempted some maths. And, Yes. I need a calculator to check if there answers are right!
















After Lunch the girls successfully cooked zucchini slice for dinner with only almost losing one of the potential 20 fingers. I’m sure cooking covers maths and science and religion and all kids of important educational things right?




























Finally we all sat down to do some family art time. The one thing the girls are not coping with very well is not being able to go to the beautiful Sara Phemisters Art Class on a Thursday Afternoons. But she is AMAZING and is still sending all the kids a Special Art Challenge each week. This week’s was to draw or paint an animal! Phe drew a Cheetah in the night time, Jo drew Sara’s Dog Beepo playing with a Rabbit, Simon drew a tiger and I drew a cute Bunny. It was so nice to just stop and take a breath and do what we love to do as a family.




























Keep Smiling!

Until next time (probably not everyday because I will need plenty of time to eat Zucchini slice and listen to the girls tell me about what they are thinking they might write about tomorrow ). Stay Happy and Healthy and Home! Also wash your hands one more time. It can’t hurt.